Suma Multi 1ltr - All Purpose Cleaner

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Suma Multi is an all purpose cleaner. Ideal for dishwashing, Floor Cleaning, Hard Surface Cleaning, Automobile Cleaning & Glass Cleaning. It removes stubborn stains and leaves the surface clean without any scratches and streak. 

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Direction of Use:

Recommended Dilution per liter of water. (1 Capful = 10ml)

  1. Dishwashing: 20 -50 ml to 1 ltr of water
  2. Floor Cleaning: 15 ml to 1 ltr of water
  3. Hard Surface Cleaning: 10ml to 1 ltr of water
  4. Glass Cleaning: 2-5 ml to 1 ltr of water

Read other instruction related to Safety and Emergency Treatment on the bottle before use. 

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